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Tennis fans please purchase French Open tickets online every year to visit french Open however, everyone sees that every ticket with this particular tournament features a costly, but it is worth exactly what it costs because in France only the best tennis players in the world meet to go away their mark on history.


As much tennis professionals as amateurs follow carefully the details from the competition that already has more than 116 editions since its 126 years of foundation. Let’s understand a little more about the details from the tournament.

Beginnings in the ‘French Open’

French Open or French Open was created in 1891 and it’s called of Roland Garros.

It is considered the most well-known and esteemed competitions, close to the Wimbledon, the Australian Open as well as the Open from the united states . States.

From 1891 to 1924 this tournament was exclusively for your French tennis players, but already in 1925, it recognized towards the worldwide athlete, becoming most likely the most crucial competitions around the world.

Surface and enclosure

The Tournament of Roland Garros is characterised since it is an important championship, and alone within the class, that’s performed on ‘clay’ or clay. An unpleasant surface for several.


The venue where the competition happens is called Stade Roland Garros and contains the Philippe Chatrier track (central track), the Suzanne Lenglen track, Court 1 or track 1 and 16 smaller sized sized tracks known as ‘adjoining tracks’.

Trophies and prizes

The champion inside the men’s category wins the ‘Cup in the Musketeers’ inside the female category, the cup ‘Suzanne Lenglen’ the men’s doubles, the ‘Jacques Brugnon Cup’ the women’s doubles, the ‘Simone Mathieu Cup’ as well as the mixed doubles category, the ‘Marcel Bernard Cup’.

This year they’d 37 million euros in prizes, where each champion earned 2.millions of euros. The runners-up won countless as well as the semi-finalists received 500 1000 euros.

Most likely probably the most winners inside the Roland Garros

French Open top champion, before competition was open to all countries, was Frenchman Max Decugis, inside the men’s category with 8 titles before 1925.

Around 1897, after they began to permit the women participate, one which acquired more tournaments was french also Suzanne Lenglen, with 6 titles as individual and seven in mixed doubles this streak was surpassed with the U . s . States Chris Evert who added 7 titles between 1974 and 1986.

Martina Navratilova props up most titles inside the women’s doubles category (7), in addition to won 5 consecutive titles because category.

Rafael Nadal could be the player with elevated titles in Roland Garros has 10 titles. This year he won his tenth championship, setting accurate documentation which will be difficult to beat for your new generation.

Roger Federer, although considered one of the better tennis players ever, has not had much luck in France, and contains only had the opportunity to win this tournament last year after beating Nadal inside the final.

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